Online Submission Process


Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from IJCH,

We would like to inform all our readers and contributors, that the online submission process is currently suspended due to maintenance for undefined period at this time. In the interim, no manuscript should be submitted via email, post or fax. In case of any manuscript being erroneously submitted by authors via email, post or fax, these submissions will have to be resubmitted through web portal via online submission software once the existing users have been notified via mass email post-completion of maintenance period.

New Registrations In Any Role are suspended till further notice.

Existing Users In The Role Of Authors When Attempting To Submit New Manuscripts Will See This Warning


Your account does not currently have a role permitting new submissions, such as Author. Please double-check your account; you may be able to add a suitable role yourself by editing your profile.

Regarding the updated status for manuscripts submitted prior to the suspension of online submission portal, we will shortly notify the corresponding authors individually.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you better.

Editorial Office, IJCH