Risky driving behaviour among the motorized two-wheeler novice riders in Davanagere city, Karnataka- Cross-sectional study





Davanagere, Novice, Riding behavior, Younger riders


Introduction-Road traffic accidents (RTA) account for more significant mortality and morbidity rates worldwide, resulting in considerable global burden. In Indi, motor vehicle accidents are one of the common reasons for mortality among young riders. The present study provides insight into different aspects of risky driving behavior from individual attitudes, and psychological factors like anger, mood, and emotions. Methodology- A cross-sectional study was conducted among college students; findings from this study say young males are more involved in risky driving behavior. Results- Number of males are involved in risky driving behaviour and mobile phone usage while riding is more significant the results focus on the role that risky driving behaviour plays in two-wheeler motor vehicle accidents and suggests the need for further research in this area of risky driving behaviour to improve road safety education and law enforcement policies that focus upon ensuring good driving behaviours.


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