Effect of one-day training on Knowledge related to Biosafety and waste management among life-science Students






Biosafety, Laboratory Workers, Occupational Health, Pre-Post, Waste Management

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Context: Laboratory workers are at increased risk of occupational hazards especially microbial infections. These occupational hazards can be reduced by merely creating awareness related to Biosafety. Thus biosafety and waste management training is important and needs to be inculcated at novice stage. Aims: The present study aimed to assess the effect of one-day training program on knowledge related to biosafety and biohazard among life-science students. Settings and Design: The study was conducted through online medium, organized by Department of Microbiology, Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi using a Quasi Experimental design. Methods and Material: A one-day training on Biosafety and Waste Management was organized by Department of Microbiology for life-science students. A pre-test with 15 questions was administered to the participants before commencement of the training. One mark was allotted for each correct response and zero marks for incorrect marks. At the end of training, post knowledge was assessed using the same questions as pre-test. Statistical analysis used: The data on pre-post knowledge assessment was analyzed using SPSS Version 21. Paired t-test was used to assess the mean difference in pre and post knowledge assessment amongst the participants. The level of significance was taken as <0.05. Results: A total of 81 participants was analyzed for pre-post analysis. The mean age was 19.98 ± 1.06 years with 59(72.8%) being females. The mean pre-knowledge and post-knowledge score was found to be 10.20 ± 2.09 and 14.02 ± 1.63 respectively. The mean difference of 3.83 ± 2.23 in pre and post knowledge was found to be significant (p<0.001). Conclusions: Life-science students have poor-to-moderate knowledge about biosafety and waste management. Training on biosafety helps in improving knowledge.

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Keshan P, Rastogi A, Aggarwal S, Nigam A, Kapila R, Syed S. Effect of one-day training on Knowledge related to Biosafety and waste management among life-science Students. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2020 Dec. 31 [cited 2022 Oct. 4];32(4):694-8. Available from: https://iapsmupuk.org/journal/index.php/IJCH/article/view/1943


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