Doctors on duty: the real-life heroes during pandemic: Your opinion matters!!!




COVID-19 Duty, PPE Kit, Training, Quarantine, Ethical Dilemma, Discrimination, Stress, Burnout, Themes, Pandemic


Background: Data for front-line health-care workers, risk of disease is limited so as the resources available. Although inspiring stories on doctors fighting against COVID-19-19 were covered we are still unaware of the challenges at ground level. The present study throws light on it and provides way through towards resolving the issues. Objectives:1. To assess the perceptions of the doctors towards the process of COVID-19-19 crisis management. 2.To identify the challenges and recommend solutions based on their views, suggestions. Methods: A cross sectional study on perception of doctors (94) involved in COVID-19 duty was conducted during July to September 2020, with the help of pre-validated semi-structured questionnaire through online google survey form. The questionnaire had demographic details, views on before, during and after the COVID-19 duty along with 4 open ended questions on their good and bad experiences, problems & suggestions. Descriptive statistics for quantitative & thematic analysis for qualitative data was used. Results: Nonresponse rate was 26%, mean age 27.55 year. Majority were from clinical departments (78%). 42% felt that training was proper, 60% adequate PPE kit, 52.6% were aware of management strategy, 86% stressed,82% found difficulties in communication. 42% were provided proper quarantine facility yet, 58% faced discrimination. Few themes emerged under challenges like lack of resources & training, stress & burnout, for which patient sensitization, refresher training, psychological & administrative support was suggested. Conclusion: Although COVID-19 pandemic has impacted life of doctors in either way, the challenges could easily be tackled by the recommended simple solutions.


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Begum J, Ali SI, Lalitha DL, Panda M, Avinash B, Thalanjeri P. Doctors on duty: the real-life heroes during pandemic: Your opinion matters!!!. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2021 Jun. 30 [cited 2021 Jul. 26];33(2):386-90. Available from:



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