Sexuality Education- Understanding adolescents’ perspective




Adolescents, Sexuality Education, Attitude, Pubertal Changes, Adolescent Education Program


Introduction: Adolescence is very dynamic phase in life and if child is not able to cope up with the changes then the effects on health are lifelong. Evidence supporting role of holistic/ comprehensive sexuality education empowering children in this coping process is present. But still the controversies exists in all countries about either acceptance, content or delivery of the sexuality education. To make curriculum more acceptable, engaging and effective, it is very important to take into consideration adolescent’s perspective. In present study, we tried to understand felt need of adolescents about sexuality education. Objective: To understand need for sexuality education. Methods: The methods used were question box, self-administered questionnaire, and name the organs in blank human figure activity all in different set of students. Results: 48% questions were to seek scientific information but extent was up to enquiring about sex toys.12% about emotional changes, 11% about cultural norms,9% about romantic relationship and 6% to clear myths. The basic knowledge about human body, pubertal changes was poor, more so in girls. The attitude towards pubertal changes was mostly negative in girls, curious in boys. The inhibition in mentioning reproductive system organs was significant in both, indicating attitude. 98% were willing to have correct knowledge about the pubertal changes and effects on life. Conclusion: The comprehensive sexuality education is unmet need in India. Taking into consideration perspective of adolescents, it should contain scientific knowledge and other relevant topics.


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