A study to Assess Anxiety, Stress and Depression among MBBS interns working in Covid care Isolation facility of a tertiary level Hospital: An Observational study





Interns, Anxiety, Depression


Introduction: The Emergence of new Delta strain of Corona virus has created havoc with all health care systems across the globe, there has been tremendous pressure due to shortage of health care workers forcing government to involve MBBS interns to overcome the shortage of health staff in Covid care. Aims & Objectives: To assess magnitude of anxiety, stress and depression among MBBS interns working in Covid Isolation facility of Government Medical College, Patiala. Material and methods: The Google form was created and the link to the online questionnaire was circulated through whatsapp group to the MBBS Interns working in Covid isolation facility during June to July 2021. The form included two instruments the Perceived Stress Scale-4 (PSS-4) and the Patient Health Questionnaire for Depression and Anxiety-4 (PHQ-4). Results: A total of 144 interns participated in the survey .Patient Health Questionnaires and Perceived Stress Scale-4 (PSS-4 ) scores of interns were 56% and 49%  respectively. Anxiety and depression symptoms requiring further evaluation were seen in 19% of the Interns. Univariate analysis of PHQ-4 and PSS-4 shows statistically significant association with past history of psychiatric ailment .Conclusion: Careful monitoring of psychological and mental wellbeing of interns during the pandemic will go a long way in mitigating the worsening psychological wellbeing of budding doctors and interns.


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