A disappointing Budget -2022 so far as Health Insurance Protection is concerned especially during the critical period of covid influence






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The expectations were soaring amongst the general public just before the 2022 budget with hopes in respect of reduced Income Tax rates or increased exemption limits etc. One of the biggest expectations was in respect of upward revision in Section 80 D limits which refers to health insurance premium paid and the same has not been revised for long time. Over the years, the health insurance premium has increased substantially and more so due to huge claims from Covid in last two years. But, much to shock of all Income Tax Payers, the, Section 80 D limits remains untouched. There are also other policies which comes under the broad category of Health Insurance that does not qualify for Income Tax exemption but merits serious consideration. Health Insurance policies are subject to GST of 18% which  is certainly too high especially when the Government should have looked at initiating major step to boost the health insurance penetration and make feel people more secured.  For an individual to manage one’s health risk properly, he/she need to have more than one type of health insurance policies for adequate amount with all applicable riders or add-on covers which matters and all dependents like spouse, children and parents being completely covered.

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