Prevalence of Anemia among Adolescent Girls in Rural Area of a District of Maharashtra


  • Abhilasha Nair St John’s Research Institute, St John’s Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore, Telengana
  • Mohan K Doibale Government Medical College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra



Adolescent, Female, Prevalence, Nuclear Family, Cross-Sectional Studies, Menarche Anemia, Hemoglobins, Parents Surveys and Questionnaires, Religion Schools, Software, Fathers


Introduction: Nutritional anemia is one of India’s major public health problems. Adolescence is a vulnerable period in the human life cycle for the development of nutritional anemia. Anemia in adolescent girls contributes to maternal and foetal mortality and morbidity in future.

Aim and Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of anemia among adolescent girls and to study the sociodemographic factors associated with anemia.

Method: It was a community based cross sectional study in 10 villages of a district. 420 adolescent girls were interviewed using a predesigned, pretested questionnaire, and their anemic status was assessed by hemoglobin estimation. Results were analyzed by using percentage, proportion and Chi-square test, with the help of Microsoft Excel 2007 and SPSS version 20.0 statistical software.

Result: Mean age of the study sample was 14.01 ± 2.57 years. The majority (64.8%) of the girls were Hindu by religion and belonged to a nuclear family (53.6%). 45.2 % were educated up to high school level. Most of the girls belonged to socioeconomic class IV (46.0%). The prevalence of anemia in this study was found to be 65.7%. The prevalence of mild and moderate anemia among study participants was 32.6 and 29.8%, respectively. A statistically significant association was found between the prevalence of anemia with age group, educational status of both father and mother, and status of attainment of menarche (p<0.05).

Conclusion and Recommendation: The prevalence of anemia among adolescent girls was very high; therefore, attempts must be made to sensitize adolescents and their parents through health and nutrition education, information, education, and communication (IEC), and appropriate behavioral change communication (BCC) activities.


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