Developing a precise questionnaire to elucidate risk factors and injury pattern in RTA victims


  • R K Singh
  • K Gupta
  • A Kumar
  • G K Singh
  • V Verma
  • R N Srivastava


Introduction: Road traffic injuries are a growing public health issue. Despite good numbers of traffic legislations/ law/bye-laws/ regulations/ policies at the national/ state level and various safety measures to prevent road accidents/ mishaps, awareness remains comparatively low in India. Till date no questionnaire has been suitably developed, standardized and positivised for determining association of causality with injury pattern and severity score. Objective: To design and develop a précised survey questionnaire determining association of causality with injury pattern along with severity score in RTA victims.  Methodology: Till date no such study has been ventured which has observed the inter relationship of these factors resulting in a specific injury. Designed questionnaire was based on literature review, and updated several times to ensure the precision and agreement with the help of institutional trauma expert team. As a pilot study, 30 RTA victims admitted in trauma centre of KG Medical University were enrolled and designed questionnaire was tested for easiness and doubts. The results were thoroughly analyzed for item difficulty, precision and internal consistency. Results: A significant agreement of question pertaining to speed (k=0.99, CI=0.95), visibility (k=0.87), alcohol (k=0.65) in the questionnaire. Questions related to environment, driver, vehicle and road factors show a significant consistency (p>0.05) as cause of accidents. Test of agreements done by Kappa showed in variables having value more than 0.60 except few variables. Discussion: The designed questionnaire is precise, reasonably reliable in perfect agreement. This questionnaire should emerge a useful tool in determining the association of risk factors with injury pattern and severity.



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Singh RK, Gupta K, Kumar A, Singh GK, Verma V, Srivastava RN. Developing a precise questionnaire to elucidate risk factors and injury pattern in RTA victims. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2013 Dec. 31 [cited 2023 Sep. 25];25(4):330-9. Available from:



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