Age At Menarche And Risk Of Cancer Cervix


  • Vaishali V Gawande
  • S N Wahab
  • S P Zodpey
  • N D Vasudeo


Research Problem: What is the role of early mcnarche as a risk factor in the outcome of cancer cervix? Objective: To investigate the role of early menarche as a risk factor for cancer cervix. Study Design: Hospital based, group matched, case control study. Setting: Gynaecology Clinic, Govt. Medical College Hospital, Nagpur. Participants: The study was carried out on 230 incident cases of cancer cervix confirmed by histopathology and equal number of controls selected from female patients admitted to the study hospital for conditions other than gynaecological cancers and showing pap smear within normal limits. The controls were group matched for 5 years class interval. Study Variable: Age at  menarche. Statistical Analysis: Univariate  analysis  was  done using Pearson's chi - square test and Odds Ratio while Adjusted Odds Ratio was calculated by using Unconditional Multiple Logistic Regression. Attributable and Population-Attributable Risk Proportion were also calculated. Result: A significant trend was observed towards increasing cancer cervix risk with decreasing age at menarche. Study subjects who had menarche before 13 years of age were at a significantly higher risk of cancer cervix. Various statistical characteristics endorsed this findings. Conclusion: The study identified a significant association of early menarche with cervical cancer. Recommendation: Independent and interactive role of early menarche in the outcome of cancer cervix needs further exploration by conducting studies involving multiple factors and using multivariate analysis.


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