Utilization of services from a mobile health clinic in rural areas Of aligarh district


  • A Amir
  • A Z Khan
  • P S Ganguly


Research Problem: What is the pattern of utilization of services from the Mobile Health Clinic? Objective: To study the morbidity pattern and coverage and quality of health services in a specified population. Study Design: Population based cross - sectional study. Setting; Rural areas of Aligarh district in field practice area under ROME SCHEME. Participants: All patients attending the Mobile Health Clinic during the calender year 1995. Sample Size: i) 12106  patients  for clinic record analysis, ii) 4735  patients above 18 years of age for interview schedule Study Variables: Demographic profiles, socio-economic characteristics, common ailments, morbidity pattern, present level of health awareness, satisfaction from the services received. Statistical Analysis: By proportions. Result: Majority of the patients were under 25 years of age. Large number of patients visited the clinic during the rainy season. Skin diseases were the most frequent (35.96%). The present level of health awareness is unsatisfactory. 65% respondents were satisfied with the services received. Recommendations: Visit schedule must be weekly to prevent the patietns from seeking alternative sources of medical care. Attachment of medico-social workers with the clinic will greatly improve the health promotional activities. More time should be allowed for better doctor - patient communication.


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