A single strand RNA impacts global DNA

  • T S Ravikumar
  • Rajeev Aravindakshan All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh
Keywords: COVID-19


A ‘formative’ assessment of relative performance of countries affected by the initial wave of corona virus pandemic in January 2020

An editorial in the recent edition of The Lancet (April 25th 2020), was a focussed review on India’s lockdown during the pandemic. [1] While the editorial gave only back-handed credit to Indian performance, the world’s largest lockdown, it did not give a balanced comment on India’s accomplishment.  The initial lapses of migrant labourers issue were played up along with several other inconsistencies noticeable in the review.  In order to present a more balanced critique of India’s accomplishment, we herein compare the status of the response to the pandemic among the nations that had first exposure to the virus in January 2020, serving as a comparison among the first cohort of countries.


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