A report of sample survey on births and deaths in agra district


  • Deoki Nandan
  • N Goel
  • D N Pandey
  • S Singh
  • G D Barnwal


The government of India has considered Agra to be made a ‘target free district'for MCH and family welfare programmes. For Intervention of this strategy, it is necessary to know the current trends of births, deaths and other parameters related to mother and child health, present study was under­taken in selected rural and urban slum areas of Agra district, covering total population of44,868. It was found that birth rate, death rate, infant mor­tality rate and maternal mortality rate was higher in rural area as compared to urban area. Maximum number of births were recorded during October and November and death rate vraj higher during November and December. Main causes of infact mortality ;were prematurity, low birth weight, diar­rhoea and pnettmonie and that of maternal mortality were puerperal sepsis and haemorrhage


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Nandan D, Goel N, Pandey DN, Singh S, Barnwal GD. A report of sample survey on births and deaths in agra district. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 1995 Sep. 30 [cited 2024 Apr. 18];8(2,3):1-3. Available from: https://iapsmupuk.org/journal/index.php/IJCH/article/view/22



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