Prevention of initiation of smokeless tobacco (SLT) consumption among rural children





Prevention, Initiation, Smokeless Tobacco, School Children

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Background: India Global Youth Tobacco Survey 2019 observed that 8.5% of the young age group (13-15 years) consume tobacco (9.6 % are boys and 7.4 % are girls). No interventional studies among adolescents were conducted before the initiation of the SLT use. Aims & Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of consumption of tobacco and non-tobacco products and to provide school based interventions to bring behavioral changes. Materials and Methods: An interventional study was carried out in Primary Schools. For estimation of the prevalence of tobacco and non tobacco use all the students of 1st to 5th while for the interventions, 4th and 5th standard were selected. Baseline data and change in the behavior at the end of one year was collected. FGD with key informants were also conducted. Descriptive Statistics was conducted. Results: The prevalence of smokeless tobacco consumption and non-tobacco product was found to be 1.3% and 36.5% respectively. After intervention 40.5% students had quit non tobacco products. Findings of FGD suggested that children should not be sent to purchase tobacco products on behalf of their parents. Conclusion: School based intervention and sensitization of the field workers along with knowing their perceptions for the predictors of consumption could be useful.

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Patel PR, Jain SV, Bhagyalaxmi A, Dave BB, Ragunath NK, Bhadesiya HM. Prevention of initiation of smokeless tobacco (SLT) consumption among rural children. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2022 Jun. 30 [cited 2022 Aug. 16];34(2):270-5. Available from:


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