Primary Immunization Status In Rural Block Of Kanpur District


  • S K Kaushal
  • S C Saxena
  • V K Srivastava
  • Seema Nigam


Research question: What is the status of primary immunization of children in the age group of 12-23 month Objective: To assess the status of Primary immunization in age group of 12 to 23 month Children, To compare the primary immunization in intensive and twilight villages, To study the influence of socialfactors affecting immunization & Tofind out reasons for immunization default Study design: cross sectional study Setting and participants: rural block of.Kanpur District and mothers ofchildren in age group of 12-23 months. Study period: July to December 2005 Sample size: 280 mothers of study group children. Study variable: Immunization status, socialfactors, vaccine, reasons for immunization default Results : 32.85% of children were fully immunized. Highest (92.85%) covered antigen were found as OPV-1 and lowest (41.78%) covered antigen as DPT-3.Literacy and joint family had positive impact on immunization status. The main reasons were observed for immunization default as ignorance (about need/place/person/time) and distance factor. Conclusion : Quantity1 wise coverage was quite satisfactory. High dropout rate due to ignorance and distance factors should be taken into


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Kaushal SK, Saxena SC, Srivastava VK, Nigam S. Primary Immunization Status In Rural Block Of Kanpur District. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2009 Jun. 30 [cited 2024 Jun. 19];21(1):44-7. Available from:



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