Tobacco Cessation Counseling: A Humanistic Approach by Non-Human

Keywords: Tobacco Use Cessation, Health Care Sector, Mental Health, Health Workforce, Smoking Cessation


“Counselling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. It’s a type of applied psychology”. When used for helping an individual in quitting a habit it requires using cognitive therapies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been increasingly used in the healthcare sector, but its use for counseling purposes is still questionable.  Recently a virtual health worker has been introduced by World Health Organization (WHO) representing increased use of AI in healthcare. This article also explores the features of this virtual health worker and how the counseling process is done by a human health professional and what is different in counseling done by a virtual health worker.Counselling 


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Sharma T, Bahurupi Y, Mahadule A, Singh M, Aggarwal P. Tobacco Cessation Counseling: A Humanistic Approach by Non-Human . Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2020Sep.30 [cited 2021Feb.26];32(3):613 -616. Available from:

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