An exploratory study using the OMI scale to assess the opinion toward mental illness among young adults





Mental Illness, Young Adults, Opinion

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Background: Public perception of mental illness is critical for successful treatment seeking behaviour as well as for early diagnosis and surveillance of disease. Two hundred eleven young patients were interviewed at Department of psychiatry, Sir Sunderlal Hospital, Varanasi with the help of consecutive sampling method. Objective: To assess the opinion towards mental illness among young adults by using the opinion on mental illness scale (OMI). Methods: Data was collected using the opinion about mental illness scale (OMI) which consists of 51 questions out of which, 15 questions directly related to the cause, care, and management of mental illness were randomly selected and analyzed. Analysis was done showing Percentage and chi-square tests to see the significance of scores between the respondents. Results: The finding shows that more than 70% of respondents believe that mental illness is a consequence of bad behavior, lack of willpower, or negative beliefs and gap in the treatment seeking behavior and understanding the cause of disease was found. Conclusions: Opinions on Mental health have received increasing attention as a useful strategy to promote early identification of mental illness, reduce stigma and enhance help-seeking behaviors. As part of the National Mental Health Programme, there is a need to raise awareness in order to enhance understanding of mental illness in facilitating early diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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Mishra M, Kumar A, Srivastava M, Kansal S. An exploratory study using the OMI scale to assess the opinion toward mental illness among young adults. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2022 Jun. 30 [cited 2022 Aug. 16];34(2):276-83. Available from:


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