Challenges of Second-hand Smoke: Are We Asking the Right Questions?




Second hand smoke’, Cancer, Stroke, Cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sudden infant death syndrome, COTPA


Second-hand tobacco smoke as defined by WHO is the smoke emitted by a smoker or released from a burnt cigarette or any tobacco product. It is highly prevalent all over the globe but its serious health implications are often neglected by the public and the scientific community alike. Second-hand smoke has everlasting impact on all the body’s major organs, especially among the vulnerable population of children, pregnant ladies, people with chronic diseases and senior citizens. Although India started its war against this menace earlier than other counties, all its efforts remain bootless as its approach and implementation have a wide range of lacunae. This review aims to give a big picture of second-hand smoke, highlighting its pathophysiological changes in the body, socioeconomic impact, various strategies, and the gap that prevents these strategies from finding a favorable result in India. It becomes all the more important to reduce its impact owing to the increase in prevalence among youth reducing their vitality, derailing the society and the nation. It is recommended that the health authorities approach this health problem with utmost seriousness as a laid-back approach could welcome this silent killer’s known and unknown repercussions.


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