Study of utilization of anc services by ante-natal Mothers attending rhtc


  • Jayanti Semwal
  • Surekha Kishore
  • Khursheed Muzammil
  • Sonali Kar


Research question : What is the utilization rate of ANC services by antenatal Mothers? Objectives: To assess the level of utilization of ANC services among antenatal mothers. Study Design : OPD based cross-sectional study. Setting: Rural Health Training Center (RHTC) Rajeev Nagar, Doiwala, Under Department of Community Medicine, HIMS, Jolly grant, Deharadun. Participants: Antenatal mothers attending OPD at RHTC. Study Period : January 2004 to December 2004. Study Variable : Early Registration, T.T. Immunization, Anemia, IFA, High risk. Statistical Analysis: Percentage, Chi-square. Results : From a total of 51 ante-natal mothers registered at RHTC, 31 (60.8%) and 20 (39.2%) were found to be multipara and primipara respectively. T.T. Immunization Coverage was found to be 78.4% . 31(60.78%) of pregnant mothers visited twice and 29 (56.86%) visited thrice or more. IFA distribution was 100% Mild anemia was found in 22 mothers, moderate in 4 and only one case of severe anemia was found. 34 (66.66%) mothers were found to be illiterate and majority of mothers were found to be from low socio economic status i.e, 40 (78.43%). A total of 8 (15.68%) antenatal mothers were found to be under high risk category and were referred to HIMS for regular follow-up. Conclusion : Much more is needed to improve the coverage of full ANC package because a healthy mother is the sign of a healthy society.


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Semwal J, Kishore S, Muzammil K, Kar S. Study of utilization of anc services by ante-natal Mothers attending rhtc. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 2006 Jun. 30 [cited 2024 May 22];18(1):42-5. Available from:



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