Perceptions About Sex Related Myths And Misconceptions: Difference In Male And Female


  • Anupam Raizada
  • S B Gupta
  • Arun Kumar


Research problem: Perceptions about sex-re- iated myths and misconceptions. Objectives: To identify the difference in percep­tions of mates and females over sex-reiated myths and misconceptions. Study Design - Community based cross sectional study. Setting - Self-administered questionnaire study was un­dertaken in an urban area of Jhansi. Participants - Married couples with reproductive age wife. Sample size - 417 couples of the area. Study Variables-Sex-related myths and misconceptions. Outcome Variables - Masturbation, Penis-size and sexual performance, STD transmission. Intercourse with virgin and cure of STDs, Initiation of sexual act, Bleeding on first night. Statistical analysis - By chi - square test. Results: Response rate 63.8%. Only 8.6% females and 33.7% males knew correctly about masturbation. Males also knew better about route of STD infection (73.5%) and about the fact that intercouse with a virgin cannot cure STDs (47.4%). Females, however, outnumber males on the question of relation between man's penis size and his sexual performance (70%), initiation of sexual act (58.6%) and bleeding in females on first night of marriage (70%). Conclusion: Males and females had significantly different perceptions on sex related myths and misconceptions. Recommendations: Sex education campaigns should be designed and implemented to eliminate these age old sex related myths and misconceptions.


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Raizada A, Gupta SB, Kumar A. Perceptions About Sex Related Myths And Misconceptions: Difference In Male And Female. Indian J Community Health [Internet]. 1997 Apr. 30 [cited 2023 Dec. 3];9(1):33-8. Available from:



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